Competition University's Game Suite is a Fun and Unique Classroom Tool!


Variety is not only the spice of life, it is also the reason why students and teachers love Competition University! The Game Suite is used to prepare competitors for DECA competition or review content to help students prepare for End of Course (EOC) exams!

The Game Suite features up to 3 Styles of Games:

  • Spin-Off is similar to Wheel of Fortune ®
  • Billionaire resembles Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ®
  • Quiz Show resembles Jeopardy ®

Designed for teachers to use with their classes, the Classroom Game Suite enables teachers to use each game on a smart board or overhead with full functionality. Set the number of teams, and the game will keep score right along with the play-by-play action!

More than 20 games make competition preparation fun and entertaining! The games are based on terminology and concepts from the performance indicators used by DECA as the basis of cluster exams. Games feature questions from the following instructional areas:

  • Business Law, Communication Skills, Customer Relations, Economics, Emotional Intelligence, Financial Analysis, Human Resources Management, Information Management, Operations, Professional Development, Strategic Management,
  • Financial Information Management, Compliance, Risk Management, Knowledge Management, Project Management, and Quality Management
  • Marketing Information Management, Marketing and Market Planning, Selling, the four P’s: Place, Price, Promotion, Product

A single-user version of a variety of games is also included in CU's courses for individual students, but these games are only set for one student to play. Within the courses, the games will pull the student's game score and put it into the CU grade book, an optional feature for the teacher to use as a form of accountability.

This Game Suite is available annually from August - May. Advisors may subscribe to the annual access of the CU Game Suite at any time during this 10-month interval. At the time of subscribing, the advisor's access to the Game Suite will be open for the duration of the time left of the 10-month time frame. Access to the Game Suite is closed June - July for maintenance.

The cost of the Game Suite is $100.  A new subscription is required for each school year.


If ordering by purchase order, download the order from from the front page of CU to submit to your purchasing department, who will then forward the order to us. The CU team will contact you via email when your account is activated.

If using a credit card or PayPal account, you can enroll online from Aug - May. Set up your personal account (you will need to verify it by email) and then select to enroll in the Game Suite. You will be prompted to pay via PayPal with either a PayPal account or by credit card.

If you'd like to play a sample game, log in to the Test Drive course, where there are typically at least two games available for FREE preview. The Test Drive will require you to establish an account, which is FREE and takes less than a minute to set up.

Questions: or call 660-885-5635.

Game Suite


The Game Suite features up to 3 Styles of Games. More than 20 games perfect for DECA Prep!

CU: GS, $100.  A new subscription is required for each school year.

FREE with the purchase of Chapter Level Prep Track Enrollment!


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