CU Offers Courses to assist competitors for the following DECA events:

  • Principles Events Course
  • Individual Series Events Course
  • Team Decision Making Events Course
  • Business Operations Events Course
  • Chapter Team Events Course
  • Professional Selling Events Course
  • Advertising Campaign Course
  • Fashion Mdse/Sports & Entertainment Promotion Plans Course

Each type of course contains various resources, step-by-step direction, and tips which are relevant to each type of DECA event.

For an overview of resources found in Event Prep courses, you can create a FREE CU account and take the TEST DRIVE course. This FREE area in CU contains an array of resources to showcase the quality and scope of the best DECA prep resources found anywhere!

Courses are available annually, September through May.  Individual students and/or chapters may enroll at any time during those 8-months.  Re-enrollment is required every year. 

With Chapter Enrollment, enrolled students and teachers will be able to access ALL courses during open enrollment (Sept-May).

Read about each category of EVENT PREP courses below.