This category contains courses for the following events:

  • Business Operations Research Event
  • Chapter Team Events

This course guides you in determining the best Chapter Team Event for your situation, brainstorming dynamic ideas for your project, building confidence, maximizing teamwork, managing your time, presenting to impress the judge, avoiding penalty points, and much more! With this course, you will feel ready to take on a Chapter Team Event.

This course takes you, step-by-step, through doing the work and writing the paper for the Business Operations Research Event.

  • Week 1—Learning about the Event & the Current Year’s Topic
  • Week 2—Selecting a Business Partner
  • Week 3—Meeting with the Selected Business & Writing the Business Description
  • Weeks 4-5—Designing the Research Study & Writing about Methods to Be Used
  • Weeks 6-7—Conducting the Research & Writing about the Findings
  • Weeks 8-9—Analyzing Results & Writing the Proposal
  • Week 10—Writing the Executive Summary
  • Weeks 11-12—Presenting to Win