How is CU connected with DECA?

CU is provided by Custom Resources, LLC which is an annual supporter and sponsor of DECA, Inc.

Is CU current with DECA's competitive events?

Each year CU's team makes updates, and best efforts are made to align existing courses with the competitive event changes and updates. As DECA adds events, CU's management team will determine the perfect timing, following the opportunity to judge the new events, that courses will move to CU's development team for creation of a course to assist students.

Where is Custom Resources, LLC?

It has been operating since 1997 in Missouri.


Build Confidence

Build Confidence


CU will help build confidence in your students who fear the unknown at competition!


Help With Written Events

Good Writing Skills

Step by step guidelines assist students who plan to compete with written projects. Perfect for individuals or project-based classroom assignments.


Meet Deadlines 

Meet Deadlines

CU helps your students pace themselves with big projects and meet deadlines!


'Wow' the judge!

Presentation tips are provided so your students can 'wow' the judge in their series events, team events, and all other events where competitors meet the judge!


Build Team Work

Team Building


CU helps individuals and teams.


Get more Wins!

Win Big!

Courses are customized for various competitive events helping meet the specific preparation needs of every student.  For series events & team management events, examples are provided for performance indicators and cases ... helping students really understand and transfer their knowledge to the actual event. The courses provide information on the diverse industries ... from automotive to sports & entertainment marketing. 

Offer the Best!

Thanks Teach!


Students will thank their teacher for  making CU available!