Easy as 123 to Enroll

1. ORDERING: Chapter Level Enrollment is per school, not school district. There are a couple ways to order! Download the order form located on the front page of CU. Use it to send to your school for a purchase order or send it directly to Custom Resources with payment. School purchase orders, school checks, Mastercard or Visa are accepted (2% fee) or payment with an online check.  If you order before or during August, you will receive access to all CU Prep Track courses for your planning purposes during August. Orders may also be placed online at CustomResources.com

2. ENROLLING: You will receive the CU Enrollment Spreadsheet (an Excel file) in late August, or immediately if you order after August. Fill in your's and your students' info and their course selections and return it by email to Custom Resources, LLC.

3. LEARNING: Be ready to introduce your students to a great resource for their competitive event prep! Get familiar with CU by requesting the CU Tour. This is a quick and efficient guided tour of CU. You'll love what we can show you and it's the quickest way to see it. The Advisor Connection also holds valuable resources for Advisors!

Question? Contact Custom Resources, LLC.  660-885-5635. Office hours are 8-5 CST Monday-Friday. cu@customresources.com