Class Tracks provide engaging and interactive online resources. > This course will be available in late 2018. 

Skills and Drills will provide 'consistent variety', an oxymoron indeed, but it is what meets the teacher's and student's needs for both predictability and fun!  Brain Busting Bell Ringers provide unique methods of introducing new material!  Graphic organizers and related educational strategies help students connect what they know with new information, enhancing understanding and retention. 

Class Tracks save teachers a great deal of planning time and provide a rigorous and effectively sequenced supplement to various high school classes.

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Bringing the Marketing Web to LIFE again!


Fun & Effective Resources

Teachers use CU's Marketing Class Track to blend online learning with their own ideas, personal leadership and teaching in their marketing classrooms! 

Graphic organizers, such as The Marketing Webs, help students see 200 terms come together as they build concepts throughout the course. The strategy of graphically connecting concepts to new information helps learners understand new material and transfer it to the test, competitive event, or to the world of work or entrepreneurship.

Bell Ringers, Brain Busters, and engaging Lessons & Projects for the class and online will make The Marketing Class Track fun and effective!

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