CU Offers Courses to assist competitors for the following DECA events:

  • Principles Events Course
  • Individual Series Events Course
  • Team Decision Making Events Course
  • Business Operations Events Course
  • Chapter Team Events Course
  • Professional Selling Events Course
  • Advertising Campaign Course
  • Fashion Mdse/Sports & Entertainment Promotion Plans Course

Each type of course contains various resources, step-by-step direction, and tips which are relevant to each type of DECA event.

For an overview of resources found in Event Prep courses, you can create a FREE CU account and take the TEST DRIVE course or request a Tour by a CU Team member and receive a 10-day preview.  

Courses are available annually, September through May.  Individual students and/or chapters may enroll at any time during those 8-months.  Re-enrollment is required every year. 

With Chapter Enrollment, enrolled students and teachers will be able to access ALL courses during open enrollment (Sept-May).

Read about each category of EVENT PREP courses below.