Meet other past CU Team! We wouldn't be where we are now without their help! 

We continually need content developers and educational researchers and writers. Typically, this is temporary project work. Please send your resume to if you would like to inquire about our current project work. Retired business and marketing teachers and people who have worked in many areas of marketing, sports and entertainment, and all other areas of business are needed. 


Aaron Fickle, Content Creator and Publisher

Christian Jones, Content Publisher

Dillon Richardson: Game Consultant, video-creator, administrative assistant.

Tyler Propst, Accountant: Researcher and Content Creator, Accounting and Finance

Alex Melotte: Researcher and Content Creator, Entrepreneurship 

Anita Whitby, Attorney: Researcher and Content Creator, Business Law

Lynn DiPlacito: Researcher and Content Creator, Management and Networking

Jen Hendrickson, Educator: Content Creator, Entrepreneurship

Christy Rowney, Aviation Mgr and Instructor: Content Creator and Support Services

Patricia Dump: Researcher and Course Developer

Jason Kihn: Graphic Artist

Jill Glaspy, Paralegal: Researcher and Case Developer

Sue Determan: Researcher

Makenna Westhusing: Game Creator, Website Layout & Graphics Designer, and TYK Developer

Harvir Grewal: Researcher, Editor, and TYK Developer

Elizabeth McKinney: Professional Audio Recorder

Brandy Crowell: Reseacher, Editor, and Case & TYK Developer

Cindy Beebe, Automotive Manager: Research and content creator

Maddison Davis, Banker: Research and content creator

Amy Dehart, Graphic Artist: Content creator and designer

Jessica Journey: Content creator

Stephanie Tootle: Content creator

Lauren Plumlee: Content creator