Extreme D.E.C.A. Training

As the name implies, this is an extreme training for marketing students and DECA members. It is delivered by CU developer, Tara Richardson over a span of one or two days at your school. Tara will consult with you, the teacher, to ensure the content meets your wants and needs and schedule - before, during, and/or after school.  

EXTREME D.E.C.A. Training Content 

  • Extreme Dedication - Students identify values and learn how to make important decisions that generate extreme positive vibes. 
  • Extreme Excitement - Students understand what's ahead by taking advantage of opportunities and embracing fear....a recipe for natural adrenaline.
  • Extreme Commitment - Students not only set goals for multiple time frames but practice handling road blocks so nothing steals the dream. 
  • Extreme Action Plans - We'll take time to ready-up, practice, and put plans in place for continued dedication, excitement, and commitment.

EXTREMELY Helpful Personalized Direction for DECA, too! 

Along with the Extreme D.E.C.A. training, intense direction, ideas, and challenges for DECA preparation and competion will unfold. Brainstorming for written events, strategic prep tips for role-playing individuals and teams, practice for intros, handling questions, and more will challenge students to step it up. From DECA Judge to you and your students, my mission is to help them shine and save you time!

Check the EDT (Extreme D.E.C.A. Training) Path to see if your school is in the EDT Zone and make your reservations now. The EDT Path will be posted soon! Bookmark this page and check back often.

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